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    EMBED Technology Fair Educational Outing

    EMBED Technology Fair Educational Outing

    On the 26th November, Year 3.2 class of Qormi  Saint Sebastian Primary School, attended the EMBED Technology Fair 2013 held at the Mediterranean Conference Centre. The class was accompanied by their class teacher Ms Y.Spiteri  and the class LSA  Ms B. Belhareth.

    During the first session the pupils were introduced to the Cartoon Story Maker. Here, the children were really fascinated by their own finished product especially when they listened to their own recorded voice!

    The pupils had fun in another hands-on session where, in groups, they created games such as Word Search, Word Sorting and Word Matching. In the final activity the pupils were thrilled by their scrolling of the screen on the Interactive touch screen board.

    The Pearson Bug Club Corner was another child friendly session where a tablet was given to every child or in groups. Every pupil worked through his eBook at his own pace.

    The pupils learned to use the various applications as they moved enthusiastically from one workshop to another. Their interest was evidently high throughout and they all enjoyed the sessions immensely.

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