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    Robotics Week Year 5.1 & 5.2

    On the 27th November, two classes from St. Ignatius College, San Sebastian Primary School Qormi visited the Institute of Computer Education (ICE) in Ħaż-Żebbuġ in occasion of the European Robotics Week. The students were welcomed in the building and upon arriving they were given a biro as a souvenir of their visit.

    Mainly, the students had two activities with a short break in between. The two activities were done separately. As one class had a presentation, the other had a hands-on workshop with robotics. During the presentation, the students learnt about various possible jobs linked to ICT like programmer, game designer and game developer. They also learnt about the game design industry in Malta. At the end of this session, the students were given a voucher and a chance to win a prize in a lottery.

    In-between the sessions, students had a 15-minute break where they were given some cookies and juice. During the break, class teachers were also given some hot drinks. The next session was more practical. The students had to imagine themselves as robots and had to write down instructions to be given to a robot. Finally, students where given the opportunity to play and give instructions to different kinds of robots. The students had fun and they showed a lot of interest. The feedback received was positive.


    Year 5.1 Sunflowers – Ms. S. Attard

    Year 5.2 Red Roses – Ms. C. Bonnici


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