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    St. Sebastian Primary School Qormi
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    Kinder 1.7

    Kinder 1.7

    1st pic: What can you hear? Children are wearing the listening ears in the yard and discussing about what they can hear with their ears – Sensory activity.

    2nd pic: Children developing their fine motor skills through threading

    3rd pic: Working on the first number 0 using a car trail to do the formation of number.

    4th pic: Children sorting out colours in a muffin tray.

    5th pic: Colouring the shape squares with different colours.

    6th pic: Finding our names, whilst listening to the pronounciation and seeing the letters of their name.

    7th pic: Foot print activity – Children enjoy feeling the paint and giggle as they watch their foot getting painted.

    8th pic: During numeracy activity. Children are developing recognition and value of number.

    9th pic: Children are developing body awareness and concentration through Yoga activity.

    10th pic: Developing Formation of the number 0 also pre-writing the number.

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    St Ignatius College, Primary Qormi St Sebastian
    Narbona Square, Qormi, QRM 2403
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