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    St. Sebastian Primary School Qormi
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    e-twinning project

    Inkantaw flimkien bil-Malti (Sing songs in Maltese)


    L –Annimali, l- Baqra  u Jiena għandi qattus ħelu


    About the project

    The aim of this project is to encourage new e twinners in the Maltese kindergarten sector to make use of twinspace and enhance the use of information technology in the classroom. In this project each eTwinning partner will chose a Maltese song/ rhyme and present it to the rest of the participants through use of ppt, video, skype or any preferred method. Each participant may also present other work related to the said song in order to share activities and inspire all those involved to try them out for themselves.


    From this activity children learnt how to use I.T resources available in schools such as the interactive whiteboard, digital cameras, microphones etc. They gained literacy skills through learning new songs and rhymes in the Maltese language. Moreover they improved their oracy skills since learning songs helped them to express themselves fluently and improved as well their auditory skills as they listened to new songs being exchanged. Beside that they developed their imagination and creativity whilst created their own crafts related to the songs.

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    St Ignatius College, Primary Qormi St Sebastian
    Narbona Square, Qormi, QRM 2403
    Tel: 21442851, 21488296
    Fax: 21492280
    Email: sic.qormiss.pr@gov.mt

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