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    St. Sebastian Primary School Qormi
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    K 1.4 – Dinja Wahda Activity

    Dinja Wahda Activity

    Round Robin


    The scope of this activity was to teach students how to recognise robins and how to attract them to their garden without catching them.


    Children learnt that robins are recognised from their orange breast and that males and females are the same colour. These birds are protected by law and cannot be caught. They arrive in Malta around October and remain for few months, then they will continue their way to the North Africa to escape the cold winters.

    Robins are solitary birds. They never fly together as a flock. The only time robins live together is when a male and a female pair up to raise a family. Children learnt that most of the time robins eat insects and worms. These birds love to stop on the bird tables to eat a piece of biscuit or cake while filling the garden with their familiar tik-tik-tik and thin whistle.

    Moreover during this activity students learnt that recycled cardboards are ideal to be used to create their own robin. This activity helped them to be more aware of the beauty of our nature and how to take care of it while enjoying themselves.

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