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    Making Rice Salad

      Making Rice Salad

    The children were very eager to start preparing the rice salad but first and foremost they were encouraged to talk about the ingredients and utensils they could see on the table. We discussed the shape and colour of the tomatoes, the carrots, the tins of tuna, the boiled eggs etc. They were encouraged to count how many of each item we had.

    The children were asked to help me clean and take away the stem of the tomatoes. They helped me clean and cut the carrots into small pieces. At one point I told the children that when I was young I used to like to eat raw carrots because my mum used to cut them in small sticks. To my amazement the children wanted to taste the raw carrots so I cut some carrot sticks and they all enjoyed tasting them.When all the ingredients were ready, washed and cut into small pieces the children mixed the following together with the rice:-

    3.Boiled eggs
    5.Mixed vegetables
    7.Cherry tomatoes
    8.Olive oil

    The children had turns in mixing everything together using the big spoon.

    When the salad was ready, all the children enjoyed eating it. I was very happy to have some of the children asking for a second and third helping thus confirming that our rice salad was truly delicious.

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