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    Maths Open Day

    Maths Open Day

    On the 6th of May the parents were invited to come and see their children having fun doing some maths activities.

    The children greeted their parents by singing some number songs

    A sample of the following activities followed thus giving the chance to all the parents see their children eager to participate in the activities.

    • Shopping list activity – two children were given a shopping list and they had to buy that amount of fruit. Here the parents could hear the children discussing what they had on the shopping list and how many they had to buy.
    • Pegging pegs activity – children were asked to choose a numbered plate, say what number they had and peg that amount of pegs. The parents enjoyed hearing the children counting the pegs needed while the children practised fine motor skills when pressing the pegs.
    • Feed the teddy bear interactive game – the children had to count how many cupcakes the teddy bear wanted to eat.
    • Caterpillar interactive game – during this game the children practised ordering of numbers.
    • Ladybird interactive game: during this activity the children had to count how many spots the ladybird has and match the correct number.
    • Harvest game – the children had to roll the dice and then collect that amount of fruit or vegetables from the field.
    • Making kebabs interactive game: the children had to create a similar fruit kebab thus practising the skill of patterns.

    After playing this game the parents were encouraged to make some fruit kebabs with their children. The parents made the first kebab, and then the children were encouraged to follow the same pattern and do their own kebabs.

    Both the parents and the children enjoyed all the activities. The parents were amazed how happy and eager the children were to participate in all the activities and how much children can truly learn through play.

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