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    Literacy Oracy

    Literacy Oracy


    Literacy and oracy are two important skills the children need as part of their holistic development.  Storytelling by the children is an activity where the teacher can realize how much attention the children have paid when she has read a story.  She can also see how much they can remember from the story.  Storytelling increases the children’s cognitive and language skills.  With the aid of the easispeak, she can record a child and hear the recording afterwards.  The easispeak motivates the children since they would be hearing their own voice.

    Interviews are also important for the children to learn how to express themselves and feel confident to speak infront of an audience.

    The photos and recordings, are examples of these activities.


    Click here to hear the video clip of alaizah story

    Click here to hear the video clip of ice interviews

    Click here to hear the video clip of zayelha story

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