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    Activity 1 – Prinjolata

    Activity: Making Prinjolata

    Aim: Learn about this traditional Carnival dessert.

    On the 26th of February I invited one of the parents, Mrs. Josepine Pace to come and make the traditional Carnival dessert ‘The Prinjolata’.

    The children enjoyed seeing a power point presentation on how Maria Elena and her mother prepared the sponge at home the day before. After the power point they saw and touched the ingredients needed. They had the chance to smell the ingredients, see the colour and shape etc.

    We talked about the shape and colours of the utensils we were using. We counted the number of utensils we needed.

    One after the other the children all had their turn at adding the ingredients so as to make our Prinjolata.

    When it was ready we took the Prinjolata in the fridge and left it there to harden.

    The next day the children had fun decorating the prinjolata .The children were introduced to the lovely clown that Ms.Pace created using sugar paste.

    We were all happy with the end product but all the children were eager to divide the prinjolata and taste it.

    The children were encouraged to thank Mrs.Pace for her help especially for the lovely clown she created for us.

    Thank you  Mrs.Pace for making this activity so enjoyable.

    Ms.Ottilia Terribile

    Kinder 2.2

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