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    Activity 3 – Making Fruit Salad

    Activity: Fruit salad.

    Aim: To encourage the children to eat more fruit.

    Objective: To know more about fruit.

    On the 24th of April the children and I went to buy some fruit from the fruit vendor. The children said hello to Jürgen, the fruit vendor, and asked whether they can see what fruit he had for sale. The children enjoyed seeing, touching and feeling all the different fruit that were for sale. When we decided what we wished to buy, we paid for the fruit, thanked Jurgen for his hospitality and we went back to school.

    At school we pass all the children had the opportunity to touch and smell the fruit.  They had the opportunity to talk about the shape and the colour of the fruit .We also counted how many fruit we had.

    We washed the fruit and started peeling and cutting the fruit so that we do our fruit salad. When our fruit salad was ready all the children enjoyed eating it.

    When the activity was over all the children were encouraged to help clean bowls and clear everything.

    When everything was cleared all the children were encouraged to sing the song ‘fruit salad yummi, yummi’.

    Ms. Ottilia Terribile

    Kinder 2.2

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