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    Activity 4 – Making Coconut Balls

    Activity: Making coconut balls.

    On Friday 24th of April the parents were invited to join their children in the classroom so as to do the above mentioned activity together.

    The parents brought all the ingredients and kitchen utensils needed with them and on arrival they all sat down near their children.

    Before starting doing the coconut balls the children were challenged and encouraged to reply to some simple questions. Questions like:

    1. What shape is the kitchen towel roll?

    2. What shape is the milk tin?

    3. What shape is the coconut packet?

    4. What shapes are the bowls?

    5. What shapes are the trays?

    6. Are these two trays the same? No, how are they different? Which is bigger, which is smaller?

    The parents were impressed how much the children can learn by doing simple things with them at home. They enjoyed hearing their children reply happily and correctly to my questions. Through this simple activity the children revised names of shapes, colours and counting. They could see the children participate in listening and speaking skills. After modelling how we do the coconut balls all the children were encouraged to team up with their parents and do their own coconut balls.

    It was nice seeing the parents and children talking, working together, sharing ingredients and helping each other to finish the recipe.

    When everyone was ready all the parents and the children helped to clean up.

    The children were praised for their effort and encouraged to share their coconut balls with the rest of their family at home.

    Thank you dear parents for making this activity so enjoyable to your children.

    Ms. Ottilia Terribile  

                                                                                                                                Kinder 2.2

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