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    A Day To Remember

    A Day To Remember

    The children of Kinder 2.4, with Ms. J. Camilleri and Ms. B. Micallef as an LSA, will sure remember the 30th. October when they had a day of cross curricular fun learning activities.

    After the morning prayer and rhyme, the children prepared healthy sandwiches.  They had a Maths lesson by counting how many slices of bread, ham and cheese are needed for the children at each table.  They enjoyed spreading the butter with a plastic knife, putting ham, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes on the sandwiches and cutting them in half.  Some children did not like one item or the other, so they did their sandwich as they preferred it.  After, was clean up time and the children cleaned the tables and washed the plates and knives.

    Now it was time for some thinking skills and a PSD lesson.  The children  were asked to think what was needed to take for a picnic.  They all contributed their share not leaving the first aid box.

    Leaving school for a picnic, the children had a road safety lesson by learning how to cross the roads.

    At the park, the children were encouraged to observe the environment.

    They had some physical exercises and later sat down to eat the sandwiches they made themselves.  After drinking water and orange juice, the children had some free time to play on the swings, slides, seesaw and merry go round.  As a treat, the children had digestive biscuits.

    When it was time to go back to school, a child found a snail and another one a flower.  They brought them with them to school.

    Back in class, the children had an IT and Science lesson.  They enjoyed watching the snail and flower with the easiscope, take pictures, save and print them.

    They were all so excited, as you can see from the photos, that they didn’t realize it was nearly time to go home.  They had some singing and dancing and October had ended on a positive note for the children.  The next day, the children asked their teacher if they were going for another picnic.

    Joan Camilleri

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