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    St. Sebastian Primary School Qormi
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    Learning Through Play Kinder 2.4

    Learning Through Play

    Our theory of learning in kindergarten is learning through play. As kindergarten assistants we provide various activities which the children enjoy and learn a lot from. In these photos you can see the children doing activities which help improve their cognitive and fine-motor skills. In one of the photos the children are painting their version of a human body, and through this, they are learning the different parts of the body. In another activity you can see the children doing an activity of tearing and pasting papers. This helps enhance and improve their fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination. In the last activity shown in these photos the children are giving some pre-writing exercises. By practicing writing horizontal lines with paint the children are acquiring skills which will help them develop their writing skills. The key word to a successful year in kindergarten filled with lots of learning, is FUN!


    Maria Luisa Saliba

    Kindergarten 2.4


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