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    Literacy Kinder 2.3

    Literacy in the Kindergarten classes is very important for the intellectual development of the children.  Different fun-learning activities are prepared by the Kindergarten Assistant on this subject.  These are some activities performed by the children of Kinder 2.3 Puppies, with Ms. Joan Camilleri (K.A.) and Miss Rebecca Gerardi (LSA).

    Drama helps children to express themselves and develop a high self-esteem of themselves.  They learn how to express themselves infront of an audience.  In  pictures 1, 2, 3 and 4, children are dramatizing the story of Kipper’s Laces.  Afterwards, Ms. Camilleri performs a demonstration showing the children how to make knots and bows so that they learn how to do their shoe laces.

    Two different activities are done with the puppet theater.  The first one is storytelling, first by the K.A. and then by the children.  The second one is a children’s programme in class.  In the story, an ugly duckling is drowning because nobody wants to swim with her.  She is saved by the octopus and afterwards, when the other ducks hear about it, they excuse themselves with the duckling and make friends with her.  In this story, children are also learning the value of helping others in need.

    In the other activity, the K.A. interviews the children and records them with the easi-speak.  After the programme, the children hear themselves speak when the easi-speak is connected to the computer.


    Drama Pictures:

    Story Telling Pictures:

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