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    Numeracy Open Day

    Numeracy Open Day

    On the 6th of May 2015, our school held an open day for parents dedicated to numeracy. For this day, my colleague and I, worked together to plan activities for our pre- kinder students to carry out with their parents. We decided to present three activities, each promoting a different mathematical concept.

    One of the activities, implemented on the classroom carpet covered in blue crepe, was the fishing game. For this activity we prepared fish cut out of coloured paper and laminated and also bowls with corresponding colours so that the children can first try to catch a fish using the rods, then call out the colour of their fish and finally place it in the correct bowl. Once all the fish had been caught, the children were asked to take turns choosing a colour and counting out the total. We also prepared some questions for the parents to promote further development if they felt that their child could do more. Example:  1. Which bowl do you think has the most fish?  2. How many red fish will there be if we get one more/if one jumps back into the sea?

    The second activity was a shape game. We cut out various 2d shapes from coloured paper, prepared blank A3 sheets, extra coloured paper and rounded edge scissors and asked the parents to bring along a glue stick. For this activity, the children with the help of their parents were asked to create a picture using shapes. We also provided some pictures as an aid. The parents were encouraged to discuss the shapes with their children and help them decide which shape would best fit in the picture by pointing out shape properties.

    The third activity we prepared was an interactive counting game using the starboard software. Being that we had been discussing animals the previous month we decided to use the same theme for this activity. We prepared five interactive pages each dedicated to a number from 1 to 5. On each page was a picture of an animal and to the side there where pictures of food or threats that are associated with the particular animal. Each page instructed the children what to do. Example: Give the monkey 5 bananas. With the help of their parents when necessary, the children took turns to drag the correct amount using the pen. Further to this the parents were also provided with number tiles and where encouraged to ask the children to match the number.

    On the day, we split our students into three groups of 4 or 5. Each group was assigned to an activity to start with. Every fifteen minutes we asked the parents to move on to the next activity with their children. Whilst everyone was engaged in the activities, we went round answering any questions the parents had and offering ideas on how to assist their children when in difficulty and also tips on home activities. We ended the morning with a numeracy rhyme and shared with the parents some links to educational sites which can help their children develop various mathematical concepts.


    Ms Charlene Bugeja

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