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    St. Sebastian Primary School Qormi
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    Healthy Breakfast

    Healthy Breakfast at the Home-Economics Centre Birkirkara

    Year 3s- Ms Galea 3.1, Ms Portelli 3.2 and Ms Borg 3.3

    During this outing, pupils together with their families, discussed the importance of having a healthy breakfast everyday. Pupils learned about:

    – choosing the right breakfast cereal according to the amount of sugars it contains;
    – the right food to eat at breakfast time;
    – managing time better to have enough time to eat breakfast without any rush;
    – the best type of milk for different persons according to one’s age;
    – food groups and the right serving from each group.

    Furthermore, during break time pupils ate some breakfast cereal, fruit and yogurt.


    Pupils and their families were informed about how they can improve the quality of their everyday life through healthy choices.

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