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    Year 1 Maths Trail

    Year 1 Maths Trail

    On Tuesday 11th April, Year 1 teachers organised a Maths trail for all Year 1 students.  This consisted of 4 different stations with a hands-on activity in each station.

    The first station was a bowling activity where children had to throw a ball and hit skittles. The skittles had numbers written on them that added up to ten.  Then they worked out a formula which involved taking away from 10 depending on the number of skittles that they dropped.

    Station 2 involved the story of ten.  Tiles were provided with the numbers 1 to 10, the equals sign and the addition sign written on them.  Students, in pairs, had formulate the addition of two numbers to make ten.

    In station 3 children had small whiteboards and analogue clocks.  They worked in pairs, where one students wrote a specific time on the white board (e.g. 10 o’clock) and another student had to represent the time on an analogue clock.

    Finally, the students had to sort multiples of 2/5/10 in ascending order and hang them on a washing line.

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