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    St. Sebastian Primary School Qormi
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    Hands on activity


    The 4.2 class had the possibility to conduct a Maths lesson on measurement of Length in the school’s yard. Thanks to this initiative the students were able to learn through an enjoyable hands-on experience.

    Thu students were provided with measuring equipment, and they were asked to measure certain objects found in the yard and the yard itself. This helped the students to visualise the size of the objects measured and at the same time produce the conversions needed. That is from centimetres (cm) to metres (m) and vice-versa, and even from kilometres (km) to metres (m) and vice-versa too.

    One needs to point out that not only the objectives of the lesson had been reached but most importantly the students enjoyed the activity and understood the value of teamwork.


    Ms. Kathleen Micallef

    Year 4.2 Class Teacher

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