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    St. Sebastian Primary School Qormi
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    Rolling out the red carpet

    Rolling out the red carpet for the year 2 children!!

    On the 5th March, all year 2 children at Qormi Primary St. Sebastian, were invited to become VIPs for a day! Our VIPs had the opportunity to walk on the red carpet which had bright stars with the children’s names on them. After some time in the photo booth, the children proceeded to their respective classes and watched a film while munching on nachos and sipping on milk. They watched the movie ‘Crow: the Legend’, then had a quiz about it to check for their understanding of the movie. Eventually they had a writing task. With the help of images and a word bank, the children wrote beautiful sentences about the movie. All the sentences written will be collected and put in order to make our very own story book! The children’s smiles say it all! They had so much fun and most importantly …. they learned SO MUCH!

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