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    St. Sebastian Primary School Qormi
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    Special Assembly

    School Bag Awareness – Special Assembly

    Class P4.4 Ms Stephanie Grech
    Wednesday 6th November, 2019

    As a school we try to have all students aware that the school bag needs to be carried with
    responsibility. The proper weight of the School Bag was one topic discussed since extra
    heaviness can cause harm to one’s spine. All students were involved in the discussion. They
    agreed to present some tips to the rest of the school population during a Special Assembly
    dedicated to School Bag Awareness.
    On Wednesday 6 th November 2019, class P4.4 went up on stage and presented the
    brainstormed tips that each student should follow in order to wear his/her school bag
    safely. Some students were demonstrating how the school bag should and/or should not be
    worn, while another learner was holding a poster related to School Bag Awareness. 
    The audience were very attentive and the message was accepted by all.

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