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    Book Launch

    Book Launch


    On Friday 17th November, all Year 3 classes who attend Qormi St.Sebestian Primary School, were invited to the launch of the book “Il-Kulleġġ tal-Princpijiet Perfetti” at San Anton Palace presided by Her Excellency the President of Malta Ms. Marie Louise Coleiro Preca. Other important guests were present, mainly Chris Gruppetta the director of Merlin Publishers, Noel Tanti the translator of the above-mentioned book written by the Brazilian Eliandro Rocha, Alistair Fenech from Alistair Floral Design and Denise Casolani, Captain with Air Malta. Various photographers and journalists were also present for this occasion.

    All Year 3 classes greeted H.E in the Palace’s chapel. A brief introductory conversation, between H.E and the students, followed.
    Then, Mr. Chris Grupetta introduced the book “Il-Kulleġġ tal-Princpijiet Perfetti” and Mr. Noel Tanti read the story, mainly about a boy and a girl who wanted to defy gender stereotypes imposed on them by society.

    Consequently, the children were addressed by Ms. Denise Casolani and Mr. Alistair Fenech respectively. The former spoke about her challenges when she decided to become a female pilot and the latter spoke about the importance of believing and working hard to become a floral designer.

    Her Excellency the President of Malta also encouraged the students to work hard to achieve their aims and never give up to gender stereotypes that may be imposed on them by others.

    Mr. Noel Tanti asked a few questions to H.E. about the women’s role in society. Afterwards 9 students were invited to ask her a few questions about her role as the President of Malta with all the duties and the challenges that it entails as well as about her literature preferences.

    H.E. presented a set of books for the school library. All Year 3 children as well as the staff were presented with a token. Afterwards, the students together with their teachers and their LSAs were accompanied by the pool in the garden where a series of photos were taken. Refreshments were immediately held after.

    We would like to thank Her Excellency the President of Malta Ms. Marie Louise Coleiro Preca together with the guests and all the staff present for the warm welcome given to us on this occasion entirely reserved for our students.


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