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    St. Sebastian Primary School Qormi
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    Embed awards 2014-2015

    Embed awards 2014-2015


    It was a very nice surprise and experience for me on Friday evening, 29th. January 2016.  I attended the Embed Awards ceremony where, to my surprise, my project won the Embed Primary Award.  I have participated in these awards four times and the last time I participated, I was one of the finalists.

    The ceremony was short and sweet.  It was well organized and everybody enjoyed it.  My compliments to the organizers.

    I would like to encourage all teaching staff in our College to participate in these awards and other educational competitions.  I am sure that in class, much work is done with the children.  These awards are a showcase of this work.

    I feel proud that I have succeeded in honoring Primary Qormi Saint Sebastian School and was part of honoring our College, since our College won the College Award aswell.

    I will be ending my career as a Kindergarten Assistant soon, but there are lots of teaching staff who are young and have the opportunity to honor themselves, their school and their College.  It would be a pity if they don’t show the fruitful work they do with the children.  They have grown up in technology and they know how technology helps them in their teaching.  Motivation, dedication and perseverance are the three ingredients needed.

    Joan Camilleri

    Kinder 2.2 Puppies

    St. Ignatius College

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