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    Football Tournament

    School Football Tournament

    The football tournament was organized so that we, students, can have fun. It began in November and lasted seven months!

    I was representing the 5.1 class. My team was made up of eight players: Matthew Agius, Aaron Mifsud, Nathan Vella, Nathan Baldacchino, Roxanne Borg, Sven Cassar, Rhea Vella and I. We reached the final because we played really well and played as one team. Our opponents in the in the final were the 6.2 class. It wasn’t an easy game. In fact after the first half we were losing 5-1. We didn’t give up and we believed in ourselves. We began to play better and we won 7-5! We were very happy and excited.

    We received a medal each! We were proud of ourselves and I learned that I never have to give up!

    Neil Schembri

    Two weeks ago we won the school football tournament. We had lots of fun playing and we had a great time.

    At first we didn’t believe that we were going to win the tournament but when we kept winning games we thought that this could be our year!  We made it to the final! We faced the class of 6.2. We won 7-5 and I scored two beautiful goals. We were so glad! It was really a great experience. A week later we played against the teachers. It was a tough  game but we really enjoyed ourselves!

    Afterwards the headmistress presented us a medal. I was so proud!

    Nathan Vella

    I formed part of the team that won the football tournament. I really enjoyed myself. During the first game I scored three goals. I was really proud of myself. Unfortunately I had to miss the final because I was sick. My friend Dylan replaced me and did a good job. We won the final and we were crowned champions! I was really glad when my friend phoned me to give me the news! I enjoyed myself playing in the tournament.

    Sven Cassar


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