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    Open Day Digital Literacy 2018

     Open Day Digital Literacy 2018

    SIC Qormi San Bastjan

    Digital Day

    On the 3rd of May, our school SIC Qormi San Bastjan organised a digital open day where parents took part in the in-class activities in order to familiarize themselves with the way students learn by means of technology. We decided to focus the digital day on coding activities. Although coding is not a new concept in schools, most parents are unaware of the importance of coding for students.

    What is coding? In the digital world we live in, coding is very similar to the ability of being able to read. Simply put, coding is telling smart devices such as computers and robots what to do in a language they understand. Nowadays, we are surrounded by smart devices and digital tools which need to be programmed. The future also holds a good number of emerging jobs where coding is essential. Apart from this, coding teaches children how to perform tasks in a sequential manner.

    In order to prepare for this event, teachers in their respective year groups met to discuss the sessions with the DLTS teacher Mr. Antoine Grech during their Curriculum Time in order to plan the sessions and in some cases even learn new technologies. Students were also trained beforehand in the use of software, robots and digital tools. In this digital day, Beebots, Probots, Wedo 2.0 kits, Scratch Jr, tablets and Pcs were used. On the day, DLTS teacher Mr. Kevin Grima also gave a helping hand to the Year 6 teachers.

    Below you can find the Digital Day program with a brief description of the activities.

    Kinder 1 – Unplugged coding

    Students listened to an introductory story about Gigi. They recorded their own voice to describe pictures showing different processes of brushing one’s teeth. Students then ordered the processes in order to portray the sequence of brushing teeth.

    Kinder 2 – Sequencing

    Students had different coding activities involving sequencing. They played online coding games and created sequential patterns by making fruit kebabs.

    Year 1 – Coding Beebots

    Students listened to a story and then programmed Beebots to go on specific targets related to the story.

    Year 2 – Coding Probots & Online Coding games

    The lesson was divided into two sessions. In one session, students had the opportunity to play games to enhance their coding skills. In the other session, students programmed Probots to draw lines and simple shapes.

    Year 3 – Coding Beebots

    Students had four different stations involving diverse Beebot tasks and online coding on Pcs.

    Year 4 – Animated videos

    Students followed guidelines to create short animated videos using Scratch Jr on their tablets.

    Year 5 – Animated videos

    Students created short animated videos using Scratch Jr on their tablets by creating backdrops and coding characters to perform actions.

    Year 6 – Robotics: Coding with Lego 2.0

    Students used tablets to follow instructions to build robots. They then connected the robots to the tablets via Bluetooth in order to code the robots.


    This Digital Literacy Open Day was a learning experience for all involved including students and their parents/guardians.


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