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    World Book Day

    World Book Day


    For World Book Day Year 1 and Year 2 classes participated in an activity related to books and reading.


    In Year 1.1, the children were shown different types of writings E.g. novels, scripts and comic books.   The teacher explained what comic books are and showed examples. She invented a character called ‘The Veggie Monster’ and together with the class created a story about this character.  The children were given a coloured paper where they had to draw their own veggie monster. They were also given a comic book template and they drew pictures and wrote some words to show the story sequence.

    The pupils presented their work to the rest of the class.


    Students in Year 1.2, participated in a storytelling session where the teacher read the book ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’.  Following the storytelling, the students worked in groups to create a drawing about the story.  The various drawings were collated on a chart and displayed in class.


    In Year 1.3, children were asked to bring 4 small different pictures of their favourite character.  Together with the class teacher and LSAs the students wrote 2-3 simple sentences about the pictures and created a small book.


    The Year 2 classes read a book called ‘The Gruffalo’ and watched a short video related to the story.  Then they worked in groups to put a set of pictures about the story in order.  Each group was then given a set of animal masks and they participated in a role play about the story.



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