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    Elections 2018

    Students’ Council Elections 2018

    Students’ Council Elections were held on Monday 29th January.  Preparations for the elections started at the beginning of the second term, when PSCD teachers held specific lessons in all classes from Year 3 to Year 6 where they explained what being a member in the students’ council involves.  After these lessons, interested students were asked to get their parents’ consent.  This provided us with the list of candidates from each year group.  We had 11 candidates in Year 3 and year 4, 9 candidates in year 5 and 13 candidates in Year 6.  All candidates were asked to prepare a poster to promote themselves and to explain what projects they would like to work on or what changes they would like to see in the school.  All the candidates had the opportunity to promote themselves and their ideas to the rest of the school during morning assemblies between the 15th and the 25th of January.  The teachers of each year group also organised an activity where the candidates spoke to their year group separately.  Posters were then displayed in the school corridors.

    Prior to election day, a timetable was issued and distributed to all teachers and a group of three students from each year group was chosen to act as the electoral commission.  Ballot papers were prepared and the PSCD room was set up as the voting station.

    On election day, PSCD teachers Ms. Aquilina, Ms. Sammut and Mr. Cilia monitored the voting and the election process.   Once the classes within each year group had voted, the ballot box was opened and the votes were counted in front of the candidates of the respective year group. The elected students were announced to the candidates.

    The candidates elected are the following:

    Year 3
    Dasha Jade Diacono
    Jeanelle Sant

    Year 4
    Lana Micallef
    Federica Agius

    Year 5
    Alec Farrugia
    Francesca Chircop

    Year 6
    Cain Pace
    Elaina Bugeja


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