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    Sound Wall

    Sound wall

    There can be little doubt that, in terms of literacy, and perhaps all school-based education, the most fundamental skill of all is listening.  Unless children can listen, discriminatively and with growing attention, they will be slow to understand and slow to talk.  As they grow older, this difficulty will hinder their ability to learn throughout their school years.

    Children need help in basic listening skills, such as the awareness of sound, sound discrimination (the ability to discriminate one sound from another), auditory memory (the ability to recall sequences of sound), awareness of rhyme, keeping a steady beat, etc.


    Nothing can help children to develop all the necessary listening skills better than music.  Music seems to be a natural form of communication with young children.


    A sound wall was set up at Qormi Primary St Sebastian School, St. Ignatius College aiming to create a fun way for children to acquire the necessary listening they need for future academic achievement.  The idea was to find household items, percussive instruments (or pieces of former instruments), or anything that would make a pleasing or interesting sound, attach it to a “wall”, and let the children explore it.


    The teachers can make use of structured activities or else choose to let the sound wall be a place of discovery.


    The sound wall was launched on November 17th.   On the day children in KG1 and 2 as well as children in year 1, made use of the sound wall through different teacher led activities such as ‘adjusting the volume’ – exploring soft and loud sounds, ‘sequencing sounds’ – children have to play a particular sequence of sounds, ‘keeping the beat’ – children keep the beat to familiar songs and rhymes, amongst other activities.


    Ms Nadia Zammit (HOD literacy)

    Ms Roberta Galea (LST Literacy)


    Read another article about the sound wall by clicking here.


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