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    Nurture Group

    The Nurture Group

    Nurture Groups were launched in the 1970s in London in the UK, by an educational psychologist named Marjorie Boxall (Copper & Tiknaz, 2007). Since then they spread around the UK and in the last decade, nurture groups were set up in different schools in Malta.

    The first two nurture groups in Malta were introduced in 2005. A nurture group is a school-based intervention programme for students with social and emotional behaviour difficulties (SEBD). All children should thrive in their education however some children view their school as an intimidating place which often leaves their feelings and emotions in dispute (Bishop, 2008).

    Thus, a nurture group provides a valuable foundation for students who have missed out on basic nurturing experiences. A nurture group is usually a small class of six to eight children within the mainstream primary school. It is generally run by two members of staff: a teacher and a learning support assistant. A nurture group should be a temporarily detached intermediary place in a school and is purposely aimed to eliminate or lessen difficulties and tries to inhibit students who attend the nurture group from disengaging with the educational system (Cooper & Tisknaz, 2007).


    The Nurture Group at St. Ignatius College Qormi Primary Saint Sebastian


    The Nuture Group at St. Ignatius College, in Qormi Primary St. Sebastian was set up in the scholastic year 2011 – 2012. Back then the Nurture Group service was on a shared basis. However, since last year, the Nurture Group at St. Ignatius College Qormi Primary St. Sebastian is giving a full time service at the school. The Nurture Group team at St. Igantius College Qormi Primary St. Sebastian is made up of Ms. Maria Pace, the Nurture Group teacher and Ms. Nadia Caruana, the Nurture Group LSA.



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