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    St. Sebastian Primary School Qormi
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    First , year 1 students and parents were presented with some simple experiments on the topic sound in the school yard by using the sound wall. They were free to experiment different sounds according to different pitches , then they were given some musical instruments and again under my guidance they played the instruments using different pitches to make low and high notes.

    The second part took place in the school hall where every student was  given a plastic straw and while their parents were blowing through it , the kids cut different lengths  of the straw which in return it gave different sound everytime they cut a piece.

    The last part was the cherry on the cake as I introduced a simple instrument called  ‘ SOUND SANDWICH ‘.. Every child was given material to make this instrument and by following step by step the instructions given and also with the help of the parents they managed  to make this simple and lovely instrument which they took home as a memoir of this great science day..:))


    Charmaine Mifsud

    Science Teacher

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